Bam's Coin Laundry

Affordable 24 Hour Washers & Dryers

Up-To-Date Coin-Operated Machines in Pell City, AL

A secure self-service laundromat with friendly staff and new machines can be hard to find, but not at Bam’s Coin Laundry in Pell City, AL! We are committed to customer satisfaction and offer a variety of large capacity washer and dryers 24/7 to get your laundry clean and perfectly dry.

A Variety of Sizes 

Nothing is more frustrating than having a limited amount of time to get laundry done. Work hours can be inflexible, and it's hard to make time for your personal life. Our self-service laundromat offers large capacity washers and dryers all day, every day. Our coin-operated machines come in a variety of sizes, including 60 and 80 lbs, so you don’t have to worry about too-small machines and having to split your laundry into several loads. 

Detergent Dispensers 

Have you just run out of laundry detergent? Don’t worry—Bam’s Coin Laundry has your back. Our 24/7 self-service laundromat features a detergent dispenser filled with washing powder, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. Every customer deserves high-quality products, and we want your laundry to be free of static and wrinkles.  

Change Machine 

If you forgot to go to the bank or can’t get there because of your schedule, our self-service laundromat offers a change dispenser. Our change dispenser accepts $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills, so you will get the change you need. 

Call Us for Money Saving Tips! 

Doing your laundry can be expensive. At Bam’s Coin Laundry, we want to help our community as much as we can. Please call us or visit us today to discover ways you can save money with us.